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  • Consultations

    We offer different levels of consultation to match your needs. We strive to save you more than the cost of our consultation regardless of the level you choose. The more in depth we go with you, the more possibilities we will find for increasing yield and benefit from the project.


    Single day consultation - $550

    Recommended for clients with simple projects (e.g. food supply for an urban home), who are clear on what they want to do and have some knowledge of how to do it, are already into the project and have a few questions, are looking for specific assistance or recommendations for portions of the project, or would like to explore the working relationship before committing to a full design.



    · Client interview form including detailed goals of the client.
    · Site walk and basic site assessment (each design is site specific).
    · Further clarification of client’s goals and challenges.


    Written recommendations which may include some of the following. (The client’s needs and complexity of the project will determine which of these we focus on.):

    · Plant list and general areas to plant.
    · Soil building strategies and recommendations.
    · Strategies for pests, security, noise, etc
    · Local resources that may reduce costs and time, and increase success.
    · Methods to reduce costs of installation and/or maintenance and care.
    · Recommendations for watering (does not include site specific detailed schematics).
    · Recommendations for solar panels and related equipment (batteries, inverters, etc.)
    · Recommendations for alternative energy retrofits or sources.
    · Basic budget or finance recommendations.



    In-depth consultation (2+ days determined by size of site and complexity of the project and client’s needs) - $550/day

    Recommended for clients with complex or larger projects, or who are learning and need more in depth guidance, or would like help with “invisible structure” of the project such as strategy or finance, or would like consultation on many elements in their system.

    May include some or all of the following depending on client’s needs.

    Same as above but with these additional features:
    · Deep goals analysis, prioritizing goals.
    · Strategizing implementation (sequence of installation and expansion).
    · Budget planning and business plan.
    · In-depth site analysis and recommendations.
    · Detailed plant list with care information.
    · Detailed soil building plan.
    · Schedule for intensive grazing.
    · Detailed description of recommended appropriate tech such as solar system, water catchment, biogas etc.
    · General placement of elements, informal drawing.


    Full permaculture design (4+ days determined by size of site and complexity of the project) - $500/day.

    Recommended for clients who would like or need a detailed drawing of their design to help implement it.

    All of the above (as appropriate for the site and client) including the following:

    · Deep goals assessment and implementation programming.
    · Formal drawing of the site, including schematics for irrigation, plant placement, element placement.
    · Detailed placement and info on each specific element on the site.
    · Engineering report for solar permit on roof (if needed).




    Longer term engagement for project that will take extended time to implement - $400/day

    Recommended for clients with long term needs.